About AbiFabbz




Headpieces and turbans were a never a part of my life before getting married. However once I did, wearing turbans became an essential item for me everyday. Turbans weren’t just hats, they were headwear pieces that were accessible to me and adaptable to me and my lifestyle (and hopefully soon to be yours!). 

As I began to raise my kids and take on the Influencer lifestyle on by the reins, I found that turbans were worn by many people ranging from everyday moms to patients, and even men! They held me together and made me look presentable when I was running out of my house frantically to the get to the grocery store, they stopped fly aways from happening and became an accessory to my wardrobe, and lets not forget the many bad hair days they saved me from. Nonetheless I quickly became familiar with how versatile they were, which was why I wanted to design and curate my own collection as the first launch of my merch.

When it came to the design of my merch, I wanted to put out something out of the ordinary. I wanted there to be a fountain of colours and designs, and I also focused on the strength and durability of the material. I didn't want my headwear to be thin and only last you a year or two, I wanted it to last you decades and present you the greatest help as a staple in your house, like it has in mine.


A Message to My Fans

Hey Everyone!
I'm so happy to finally release my exclusive turban and headpiece collection out to you! I'm excited to see you build new experiences with my items and grow to love them as much as I have! Thank you for your love and support always.