Fabbz Queening Sequins Lace

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Abi’s Fabbz Collection is handmade, sourced and flown in from Nigeria. Made from 100% Sequins Lace, it features vibrant colours, lightweight fabrics, and a one-size fits all style. 

The Fabbz Kaftan BouBou Collection features subtle and basic patterns and versatility in how the BouBou is worn. This Fabbz Kaftan BouBou in particular features a mix wine, Pink and GreeN

Details and Care

- Colour: Purple Covered with baby Sequins  
Comes with scarf, Under Dress
- One size: 60 inches long and 27 inches wide
- 100% Sequins Lace
- Handmade in Nigeria
- Do not put in washer or dryer.
- Flip inside out, hand wash, and air dry
- Can be dry cleaned.